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Post  Mal Arky Wed 31 Jan 2024 - 13:14

I can't ask people to introduce themselves without adding one myself, can I?

I'm Malcolm Arkwright (not my fault) and I'm the ADF Administrator, which means I run and own the ADF. I'm where the buck stops, I guess.

I've been playing Diplomacy, on and off, for more years than I'm going to admit. I've been writing about Diplomacy and the Hobby around it for fewer years, but still some time. I've just started writing a series of articles for Diplomacy World, I used to publish a zine called 34 (which has a subzine for newbies called Send Noobs) and I write two Diplomacy blogs. My main blog is The Diplomaticon and that contains my musings on the game of Diplomacy. It has a sister blog called Diplopups which is for novices to Diplomacy. I've discontinued my zines and uploaded all the published articles from Send Noobs to Diplopups; articles from 34 are being uploaded to The Diplomaticon.

I've also written a book on Diplomacy called 50 Tips for Playing Better Diplomacy - you can buy it by following the link. You even get to choose what you pay... sort of. I'm also writing two other books: 50 Tips for Better Diplomacy (in Diplomacy) and Power and Persuasion in Diplomacy; the plan is for the latter to be published for free.

So, yeh, I'm a bit of a Dip nut, I guess.

I decided to launch the ADF to publicise information about all types of Dip tournaments and leagues. Sure, you can get the information elsewhere, but why not put it in one place?

Feel free to ask me anything about the ADF, about Diplomacy, or anything (I guess).

Hope you enjoy your time here.
Mal Arky
Mal Arky

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