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Code of Conduct (1 Feb 2024)

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Code of Conduct (1 Feb 2024) Empty Code of Conduct (1 Feb 2024)

Post  Mal Arky Fri 2 Feb 2024 - 9:11

We aim to make the ADF a safe and welcoming place for people to play Diplomacy. The following Code of Conduct aims to ensure that this becomes a reality.

1.1 You commit to treating everyone in the ADF community with respect. Personal abuse, and personal and collective discrimination, will not be tolerated.
1.2 You commit to having just one account on the ADF. If you have a problem with your account, please contact the Site Admin to resolve the issue.
1.2.1 If you open more than one account, Site Management will remove accounts. We will endeavour to contact members about this first but, where this isn't possible, or where there is no response, appropriate action will be taken. Accounts will be closed and, for repeated offences, all accounts will be banned.
1.3 You commit to using just one account in a game. There is never any need to use multiple accounts in any game. If you enter any game with more than one account, all accounts will be banned from the ADF and any Events the player is involved in.
1.4 You commit following all aspects of the Code of Conduct. You understand that, should you not do so Site Management will take proportionate and appropriate action against you, as described below.

2.1 Respect for ADF members. With regard to 1.1 above, members should not post abusive content about individuals or groups on the ADF. This includes content that:
- Is libellous or defamatory, or violates the privacy or publicity rights of any third party.
- Infringes the rights of individuals, including intellectual rights and the right to privacy.
- Has the sole purpose of trolling or flaming.
- Attempts to farm an individual's private information, such as name, email address, contact details, etc.
If such content is posted, Site Management will remove the post (and edit or remove posts responding to it), and will issue a warning or ban from the ADF. Any further offences may see members banned permanently from the ADF and any Events the player is involved in.
2.1.1 Mild abuse, while discouraged, will be allowed, eg calling someone an idiot. This is because what one person considers offensive, another may see as normal or humorous. However, persistent posting of mild abuse towards a member will be seen as a programme of abuse and may result in a ban from the ADF and any Events the player is involved in.
2.2 Harmful content is not allowed. Members are never allowed to post content that:
- Is pornographic; that may constitute child pornography; or that may solicit personal information from, or exploit in a sexual or violent manner, anyone under the age of 18, including links to such content.
- Depicts excessive violence; contains comments or images that are offensive, abusive, threatening, harassing or menacing; or that incites, encourages or threatens physical harm against others.
- Glamorises the use of illegal substances and drugs.
- Advocates violence, including the buying, selling, or trading of firearms or weapons (including ammunition).
- Promotes the misinformation of health issues that could result in serious consequences for the public.
- Advertises, or provides links to, any goods or services that have nothing to do with Diplomacy, the Diplomacy game, or the Diplomacy Hobby.
If such content is posted, Site Management will remove the post (and edit or remove posts responding to it), and will permanently ban the member posting from the ADF and any Events the player is involved in..
2.3 Content that promotes hatred, intolerance or discrimination. Members are not allowed to post content that:
- Promotes or glorifies intolerance towards race and racial characteristics, including colour, nationality, ethnicity, national origin, or culture.
- Promotes or glorifies transgender intolerance, including gender reassignment and gender identity.
- Promotes or glorifies intolerance towards disability, including physical disability, mental disability, or learning differences.
- Promotes or glorifies intolerance towards sex, whether misogyny or misandry.
- Promotes or glorifies intolerance towards sexual orientation.
- Signifies hate towards any person or group of people.
If such content is posted, Site Management may ask the individual to edit their post voluntarily, will edit or remove the post (and edit or remove posts responding to it), and may issue a ban from the ADF. Repeated offence will lead to a permanent ban from the ADF and any Events the player is involved in.
2.3.1 Content relating to religion is not treated in the same way. Although a person's religion may be related to their race, culture or nationality, religion is a personal choice. Negative comments relating to religion will not, therefore, be seen as expressing hatred or intolerance. However, where these comments are expressly intolerant, threatening or discriminatory, or when they are used to abuse an individual, they will be treated as above.
2.4 No content should be posted that has a detrimental effect on the ADF and members. Spamming, continually posting the same content, and posting content in multiple sections of the ADF, will lead to temporary bans and, for repeated offences, a permanent ban from the ADF and any Events the player is involved in.
2.5 Content that is generally offensive or in bad taste should not be posted. This includes excessive profanity. Swearing in general is acceptable as it may be normal language for some members; excessive swearing will be seen as abusive. Such content will be removed, and for repeated offences lead to a ban from the ADF or a permanent ban from the ADF and any Events the player is involved in.

3.1 Private messages are, by definition, private and therefore subject to less regulations. If you receive a PM that is, in your opinion, offensive or abusive, you have the option to block that member from messaging you. This should be the first response. Site Management will not normally act on the content of PMs, with the exceptions below.
3.2 Threatening Private Messages are not allowed. Any PM that threatens violence, is coercive, or threatens retaliation in games, on site, or off site, will be investigated by Site Management. This may lead to a ban, or permanent ban, from the ADF and any Events the player is involved in.
3.3 Messages that contain harmful content are not allowed. Messages containing content defined as "harmful" in 2.2 above will result in a member being permanently banned from the ADF and any Events the player is involved in.
3.4 Excessive or repeated personal abuse is not allowed. When a member repeatedly sends abusive messages, or where a message contains excessive abuse as determined by Site Management, that member will receive a ban or permanent ban from the from the ADF and any Events the player is involved in.

4.1 Members should give true information when registering on the ADF. Members can register with a username which may not be their true name, and may create an email that is solely for use on the ADF, as long as the member can be contacted via the email address. However, other details should have true information. If a member is found to have provided false information, or if a player is not able to be contacted through their email address, they will be permanently banned from the ADF.
4.2 Members commit to guarding their personal details. Apart from the risk of having your identity stolen, it may allow other players to use your identity to create a false account, or to access the ADF using your details.
4.3 Members are responsible for any content posted in their name. Regardless of the circumstances, you will be completely responsible for any post created in your name, and subject to any sanction that may be applied as a result of posting.
4.4 Tournament Directors (TDs) and Game Managers (GMs) are responsible for the smooth running of their events and games. Being recognised as a TD or GM on the ADF means you will be added as a member of the ADF Staff. If you do not maintain and enforce the rules of your event or the rules for playing in your game, as advertised on the ADF, you may be removed from the Staff role.
4.5 Associates are members who are responsible for making information about a given arena event known on the ADF. This means that you have a responsibility to provide accurate information and, where an error occurs, correcting the information in a timely manner. If you are unable to continue with your responsibility you should contact the Site Admin to withdraw from the role. If you do not meet your responsibilities, you may be removed from the role.

5.1 FTF and vFTF events and games advertised through the ADF will be run by a nominated person, board or organisation. You are expected to respect and follow the rules of the event or game and failing to do so will result in a warning. While Associates are expected to maintain accurate information on the ADF, the rules of the event posted through the site on which the event is organised take priority over any information posted on the ADF.
5.2 XD events and games organised through the ADF will be played on a nominated host site. You are expected to respect and follow the rules of the host site. The rules of the host site take precedence over the rules of the ADF.
5.3 Actions of sanctions taken by the event organisers, GMs or the host site will be honoured by ADF Site Management. You will have no right of appeal on the ADF if you are removed from an event or game on a host site, for whatever reason.

6.1 Site Management is the Site Administrator and Moderators. Site Management will be responsible for applying the Code of Conduct to all members and for maintaining a welcoming and safe place for members of the ADF.
6.2 Site Management reserves the right to apply any sanction appropriate. Site Management will apply a proportionate and appropriate sanction. They will not allow personal relationships with members to affect their decisions. Where a personal relationship may have an impact on any action, the investigating member of Site Management will request another member of Site Management take over to avoid a conflict of interest.
6.3 Decisions of Site Management are final. Players may appeal a sanction by contacting the Site Admin if they are still active on the ADF. However, following the appeal, the decision of the Site Admin will be final.
6.4 Any member of Site Management may play in events or games. Site Management involved in a game in an event or game will not investigate any action in that event or game, however, to avoid a conflict of interest.
6.5 No member of Site Management can have only one role. This may be a conflict of interest.
6.6 Site Management reserve the right to change the Code of Conduct at any time without reference to any member of the ADF. Updates and changes to the Code of Conduct will be posted on the ADF and, once posted, all members are expected to act within the Code of Conduct.
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